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Seven Areas to Check Before Buying a Used Camper

Spring is a great season to start looking for good used campers. Whether you’re looking at a dealership or from a person off of Craigslist, it’s important to know how to look for possible damage or wear. Look for these...

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Six Ways to Prevent a Costly Roof Repair

We all know that owning a home is an expensive investment. Unfortunately, you can’t just move in and let it set. Homes require constant maintenance to ensure you don’t get costly damage. We suggest doing a yearly home...

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Dog Bite Insurance Claims - What You Need to Understand

Owning a dog can be and usually is a joyous union. But, owning a dog comes with responsibilities and unforeseen events. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over $400 million a year is paid out for dog bite...

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The Type of Fire Extinguisher Every Home Should Have

A fire is a fire, and a fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher, right? Well, not quite. There are actually different types of fires and different types of extinguishers that respond best to each one. So, which is...

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